With commentary and sizzling concert footage from the Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd and David Bowie and a galaxy of others, STAGED - The Architecture of Pop Concerts is a film about the convergence of technology and art. It proposes that the technology utilized to convey the stadium musical experience threatens to eclipse the integrity of the performance itself.

“Holender traces the rise of the stadium rock concert from the relatively low-key settings and security of the Beatles’ 1963’s North American arrival, through the free-for-all danger of 1969’s Altamont Free Festival, where a Rolling Stones fan was killed by the Hells Angels “security” force, to the flashy extravaganzas of the 80’s and 90’s.”
— OTTAWA SUN, Ottawa
“A provocative one hour dissection of how rock went from zero to 400 tonnes of steel in 30 years.”
— Toronto Star, Toronto

Copyright Jacques Holender Films Inc. 1996